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Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Teifiterror, 25 Jan 2006.

  1. Teifiterror

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    Does anyone own the Acatama Equinox Hi-Fi rack? just noticed it in my local dealer and as im currently looking for a stand to put my set-up on it looks tempting. But is it really worth the 210ish asking price for the three shelf version?

    Whats bugging me is thats either 20 albums to go in the new cd player or a new rack so i can position it neatly in my room, as its currently sideways as I cant put it ontop of the amp.

    Any suggestions?
  2. commited


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    Have you tried fleabay? Just keep watching until one within 30miles comes up and bid - they go for pennies!
  3. Mr_Sukebe

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    From experience, I'd suggest that either you buy a stand that looks nice, or a stand that supposedly improves the sound of things.
    The atacama falls into the latter camp. I say "supposedly" because my experience with racks that try to do this sometimes do actually change the sound, seemingly "tuning it". Whether you like the effect seems to depend upon what you are trying to change on your existing system.
    e.g. Mana stands are a combination of glass and steel and add leading edges. Thats fine unless you have a system that already has them, in which case it rips your ears off. Most of the pneumatic style ones seem to try to improve "tonal balance", but result in slugging the sound, often leaving it sludgy and lacking drive. So it's really a question of deciding what you want from your system.

    Me, I bought a £20 Opodo unit from Ikea (replaced my £580 Mana unit) and spent the dosh on a better front end.