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Raid 0 worth it on my system?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Nevakonaza, 13 Mar 2010.

  1. Nevakonaza


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    Is it worth it?

    I think the Hard drive is a major bottleneck in my system,i could buy a faster one but theyre quite costly and id like something cheap but will give my system a boost.

    I currently have a Seagate Barracuda 250Gb 16Mb cache.



    If i purchased another one of the same drives could i then buy a Sata controller and set up RAID 0...?

    Im not sure if my mobo supports raid?

    heres my full system specs:

    Thanks guys :)
  2. brakeinup


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    What is bothering you about using a single disk? Setting up RAID is fairly straight forward but introduces no resilience in RAID0 for some performance increases.

    I have a similar setup using a 500GB Hitachi boot drive on W7 x64 and also looked into the RAID0 pathway. In the end I didn't because the gains were not worth it (rebuild time, RAID0 failure loses data, etc). The boot time with W7 is much better than Vista, but it is down to what you want your system to do.

    If you want to see a large increase in performance from your storage get an SSD. Have you tweaked your system OS wise for max performance?
  3. master811


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    How old and full is your 250GB drive? A newer (and larger) drive may give you a bigger performance boost (as it will have higher density platters) than Raid will.

    According to the model number of your mobo, it does support Raid though.