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RaijinTek Orcus 240 Review.

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by passifid, 22 Jul 2018.

  1. passifid


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    First of I am not one to regularly have a million cooler installs so this will be from the opinion of someone who has maybe installed/reinstalled 10 or so coolers in the past 10 years.
    Secondly I am not fantastic at cable management so my comments on this subject will be more aligned to a novice whereas someone with much better experience may do far better.

    Installation: Fairly easy, the instructions were practically non existent but if you just look at the pictures and pieces it's simple to fit the back-plate and block. Fan management was a touch tougher as previously my only AIO was a H80iV2 so two things, no rgb cables and also no need for fan headers per fan. Thankfully my Motherboard has two CPU fan headers so no need to worry here about a splitter.

    Performance: Very impressive in a IBT situation 69 degrees on very high 10 passes with a R7 1700 at 3.75 and in a gaming hotbox (corsair spec omega 2x 120mm intake AIO and 1x 120 outtake) with a 2 hour constant load and a 1080ti going full tilt (4k) cpu reached a max of 67-69 depending on game with 69 being IBT. However my fan curve hits 100% speed at 70...

    Audibility: Very quiet. pump is practically inaudible thanks to it's on the cable design and fans even at 80% are relatively quiet.

    Looks: looks are amazing however some un-needed mess on the RGB cpu block cable and pump cable. These are very short cables so on my MOBO only option for them is to run direct in front of other components. However for me not a huge issue as I am not the worlds best at cable management anyhow so..
    Only real negative is that if you set the RGB to white the pump block is distinctly blue-ish while the fans stay a decent white colour.

    Ideas: I love having a RF remote. I don't use it as I use white for all settings here but it's nice to have. Block on the plumbing cables? pretty funky not noticed really except making management of the pump cable harder due to its length.
    Flow meter looks good interesting thing to have makes it easy to see if you hooked the pump up right! (unlike in that one review on yt)
    Refill ports.. we will see over the next year or two I guess?

    All in all a very good unit the performance and polish are amazing for a decent price.
    Now if you will ignore my reflection and shirt that needs ironing here is is in full glory (well semi-full maybe a competent builder can do it justice)