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RAM Upgrade question

Discussion in 'Memory' started by NutterzUK, 8 Apr 2010.

  1. NutterzUK


    Joined: 18 Feb 2010

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    Hi there,
    I currently have an MSI X58M motherboard with 6gb OCZ gold ( Ddr 3 ).
    I have a couple of questions i'd be extremely greatful if you could help me with.
    By increasing the number of RAM slots used, would the RAM see speed improvements like raiding hard drives?
    I currently use 3 cards, but have 3 spare slots and was considering buying the same RAM again.
    Second question.. my RAM I had to RMA twice before getting a good set, and frankly the support at OCZ making me pay for shipping was shocking. Is it worth changing or just buying another 3 card set? Another problem with the RAM is that it doesn't automatically pick up timings, which makes it bluescreen until the user sorts them out... in general, it's terrible and I really would like something reliable,.. but i'm not going to pay a fortune for only a tiny boost.

    So... Would you get another 6GB of this ram? Or 12gb of something else... or not bother at all?
  2. anything I don't mind


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    I have never tried OCZ memory but have not heard anything bad about the make before. Must have been unlucky. I use corsair and have bought ddr1 and ddr2 corsair dominator and have been very pleased with the performance.

    Having more memory might not necessarily "speed things up" but you will have more memory available for use. If you are running software that uses a lot of memory and you are using a 64bit OS then if you can afford it adding the exact same memory would be the best option. Mixing timings and makes i believe is not recommended.

    but i can test it for your, you can send me some OCZ memory and i will put it with my corsair and let you know the results


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  3. cmndr_andi


    Joined: 23 Apr 2009

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    Location: Cheshire

    Hi there, I may be able to help you a bit:

    unfortunately not. With 6 slots occupied the RAM will still run in triple channel mode and the bandwidth will be the same as it was with 3 sticks. However, by occupying all 6 RAM slots puts much more strain on the memory controller (which is integrated on the CPU). If you are not overclocking the RAM or CPU then this shouldn't be a problem - but if you do overclock then this extra memory will limit you.

    Unless you use applications that can take your total RAM usage above 6GB then you will see no benefit at all from an extra 6GB of RAM. If you do use such applications, then an extra kit may be worth the hassle.

    Its a shame you had to RMA twice, that seems really unlucky. I have used OCZ memory for years and they are a good brand with a decent RMA procedure. Having to pay the shipping to send off an item for RMA is standard procedure - I had to do the same when a stick of corsair RAM died on me.

    If you do want to add more RAM, I would keep the kit you currently have and add to it. Presumably it works fine, if so I see no reason why you need to replace it.

    Again, this is standard procedure. When ever any RAM is added to an X58 machine it defaults to 1.5V 1066MHz in my experience. Its just so the motherboard doesn't overclock any RAM and damage it. You always need to go into the BIOS to either input the correct settings manually or activate a memory profile (XMP).
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  4. NutterzUK


    Joined: 18 Feb 2010

    Posts: 936

    Wow, thanks cmndr_andi, thats exactly what I wanted to know! You seem to know a lot about this! I'll not buy any extra RAM then I don't think as the highest I get to is around
    35% usage normally ( I can't monitor it whilst playing full screen games without messing about with process manager, but it seems fine ). Thanks for the offer groan, but the RAM seems fine now after RMAing it twice, I haven't had any problems.

    Thanks for all your help again!