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Ready Player One (2018)

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Somnambulist, 22 Jul 2017.

  1. Somnambulist


    Joined: 17 Jun 2010

    Posts: 10,291

    Location: London

    Spielberg. Much-loved book. Pop-culture, the movie!
  2. Toadem


    Joined: 25 Nov 2013

    Posts: 480

    Just seen that trailer, it looks really good.
  3. 5punk3monk3y


    Joined: 11 Aug 2006

    Posts: 4,863

    Location: Rubbernecking ;)

    Read the book and looking forward to this. Spielberg has also added twists not in the book to the movie to keep it fresh.
  4. MadMossy


    Joined: 25 Oct 2004

    Posts: 6,627

    Location: Sunny Torbaydos

    Looks good, can't wait for it, being a VR nutt myself I can see that's where the future is going :)
  5. Torquar


    Joined: 24 Jan 2006

    Posts: 608

    That looks ace :D.
  6. Zefan


    Joined: 15 Jan 2006

    Posts: 30,155

    Location: Tosche Station

    I've read the book, and from the trailer it looks good in the parts that have stayed faithful to it, and really nailed what I imagined. The stacks and Og's birthday party look perfect to me. I'm not so keen on the bit with the crazy car chase/destruction derby, that wasn't in the book and I can't help but think it's been shoehorned in to give it that "blockbuster" effect that is seemingly essential nowadays, given the popularity of Transformers/Marvel/DC/Insert City Getting Destroyed by Team of Good Guys vs Interdimensional Bad Guy Movie Here.
  7. Bickaxe


    Joined: 8 Nov 2013

    Posts: 8,279

    Location: Fareham

    Looks good.
    The chase scene threw me as I can't see where that would fit in VR but as Cline was involved then I'm okay with it.
    Wonder which parts they will cut?
  8. HeX


    Joined: 20 Jun 2004

    Posts: 11,946

    Location: Huddersfield, UK

    I'm just hoping they've managed to acquire enough pop culture cameos to make this as good as it should be. The trailer was good but rather lacking in that department (only recall seeing Iron Giant, Delorian, Light Cycle), hopefully they are just keeping stuff out of the trailer to stop spoilers.
  9. dalepearson


    Joined: 20 Sep 2005

    Posts: 621

    Loved this book, the trailer looks good, but hope they have captured it all and not just popped added flare.
  10. antijoke


    Joined: 28 Jan 2003

    Posts: 38,227

    Location: Stratford-Upon-Avon

    Will watch just for the DeLorean
  11. aardvark


    Joined: 2 Jan 2005

    Posts: 8,020

    Location: leeds

    meh, i adored the book but this looks like cgi garbage ala transformers.

    i hope they don't screw it up.

    i wonder how much they have had to change it though, especially getting the rights to certain things.
  12. Willir


    Joined: 28 Jul 2014

    Posts: 693

    Location: Liverpool

    This looks brilliant, looking forward to seeing this in IMAX.

    Spotted a good few easter eggs in the trailer.

    Freddy Krueger
    Harley Quinn & Deathstroke
    Tron Light Cycle
    Akira bike (I think)
    Iron Giant
  13. Amp34


    Joined: 25 Jul 2005

    Posts: 28,867

    Location: Canada

    Agreed, both the two book set pieces look perfect, but that race scene...?

    Considering the bunch of guys presumably working for IOI in the race it can only be as a replacement for one of the gate challenges?
  14. PlacidCasual


    Joined: 13 May 2003

    Posts: 6,547

    That was my assumption, some of the gate challenges may not be thought of as good movie material so they replaced it with some more Michael Bay.
  15. MookJong


    Joined: 20 Mar 2006

    Posts: 7,911

    The world before he puts the headset on is exactly how I envisioned it. The VR world however is not what I gleaned from the book at all and I'm not sure what to make of it. I think there will be quite a difference between book and film. This looks far far more Transformers than I had in mind.

    I think they have aimed it at millennials and not 30 somethings who remember the actual 80s references.
  16. FlukeRogi

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 20 Nov 2008

    Posts: 1,716

    Location: South Yorkshire

    If you freeze frame the trailer at about 1:46 when the IOI avatars are getting in their cars, there's an orange text display on the right that says "win the copper key".

    From what I've read elsewhere (and whether it's true or not), Wargames was one of the IPs they couldn't get (apparently why the Iron Giant has also replaced Ultraman).

    At least Ernest Cline co-wrote the screenplay, so hopefully even though there are going to be changes (there was always going to be due to all the licensing), it will be ones he's had a hand in.
  17. wolfie138


    Joined: 8 Jun 2013

    Posts: 3,577

    looks garbage.
  18. Pyr0m@nI@]{


    Joined: 31 Oct 2005

    Posts: 853

    Location: Merseyside, UK

    Doubt I'll enjoy it as much as the book
  19. VincentHanna


    Joined: 30 Jul 2013

    Posts: 21,832

    "Holy grail of pop culture"

    That doesn't even make sense.
  20. oweneades


    Joined: 17 Jul 2005

    Posts: 9,002

    I loved the book but I am really not sure what to make of the film from the trailer.

    As mentioned already the city chase scene was a bit W T F?!

    I am also concerned that some of the slower pacing at the beginning of the book (unravelling the mystery) will be lost in an attempt to shoe horn in more explosions.