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Recliner Sofa - 'Requires Assembly'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Chris1712, 4 Oct 2009.

  1. Chris1712


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    Hi all, I've got a cheap homebase 2-seater leather recliner back home and I'd like to get it down to my new digs in Brizzle.
    Apparently, it arrived in two parts, the back and the base. Unfortunately I wasn't there when it was delivered, so I'm just going on what my mum remembers. Now I'm hoping that I can dismantle it somewhat and maybe squeeze it into my car in two trips?

    Just wondering if anyone has one that requires assembly like this, and if they know how it all fits together? I'm in Bristol at the moment, but will be heading home to check it out this weekend and it'd be nice to have an idea of what I'm up against.

    My one looks like this........

  2. D D Danneh


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  3. nex20

    Wise Guy

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    By the looks of it... just saw it in half then glue it back together. Should be ok