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Recommend me some speakers and keep the wife happy

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by babyface uk, 7 May 2006.

  1. babyface uk

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    Morning all,

    Am looking to upgrade my setup, got atm B&W 602s3, Marantz PM7200 linked to a Self build media centre PC.

    So i'm thinking of some new Speakers, Standmounts or floorstanders but they must be a silver/dark wood colour combination ( what wife wants ), shop wise I can get to Sevenoaks or Audio T shops.

    I have approx 5-600 pounds to play with, will I see a good increase in listening pleasure with this budget.

    Any commets welcomed.

    Babyface UK
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  2. Mr_Sukebe

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    I can't say I'm really up on aesthetics for home stereo kit. Look at my own and you'd understand.
    Some of the better looking kit that I've seen includes units from Castle (who make lovely cabinet work), proac and totem (who make very thin floorstanders that somehow sound pretty good). Go have a look in your local dealers for ideas.

    Just one point, looks like you're relying on a soundcard for your music output. Assuming you have a digital output on your PC, would probably be worth spending some of your budget on a decent external DAC and run your PC via that to your stereo. I'd expect some good improvements from that. Infact that's what I've started to do with my new PC. Never used for music, but looks and sounds good on movies.
  3. babyface uk

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    I might get a cd player on loan to compare with the PC and go from there.

    Babyface UK
  4. Corasik


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    Using the digital output from the PC+DAC, also eliminates the nasty poweron/off pops, that soundblasters, and probably most other analog soundcards have.
  5. babyface uk

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    update, off to local supplier to demo some Monitor RS6's speakers and some kind of cd player, to compare with pc sound, will post results.

    Have a question but will post new thread.

    Babyface UK
  6. Oops Dead Again


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    Monitor RS6 are some serious speakers, you won't be disappointed with them, have alook at the Monitor Radius range aswell. They sound great and the wife even liked them.