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Remote video display

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Mr. Brightside, 24 Mar 2006.

  1. Mr. Brightside

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    Any way of sending a monitor signal (analogue) over long distance to a digital projector? By long distance I mean 20 perhaps 25m.

    Would it be possible just to make up a very long cable? I'm guessing not due to noise and signal loss. Not only that but I don't really fancy the idea of either buying (cost) or soldering one myself (time).

    It also needs to be 100% reliable, since it's to be used in a school play I'm helping out with the lighting on next week - I'm not entirely sure yet (first rehearsal with technical is on Saturday) but I think we are going to be running a projector for something, and being the most knowledgable when it comes to computers I reckon it will become my job. Only solution I can think of atm is to use some form of IP system - and with cable (Cat5) not wireless. Running the Cat5 wouldn't be a problem, but this leaves two problems; how to encode it on the pc end, and then how to decode it at the projector?

    Any help is much appreciated because I worry that unless I can come up with a better option, those in charge will decide to have one of us sitting down near stage and operating a pc from there (not desirable because a) it would be boring and b) we are already going to running with one less board op for two days so can't really spare any for the pc) - my intention is of course to run it from a laptop in the lighting balcony.

    Thanks, null :)

    edit - two things;
    a)would this be more suited to general hardware, and if so could a passing don move it, thanks
    b) I've just realised, by laptop has S-Video out, and I assume the projector does too - if this opens up any more possibilites great, but I worry that S-Video gives lower quality than monitor cable.
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  2. Genoma

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    Probably not the option you are looking for; how about 2 laptops? One near the projector, one wherever you want to be. Ethernet cable and remote administer the projecting laptop?
  3. El_Watcher


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    Yes, s-video does give lower quality, i.e. the max resolution is 1024x768 at 50Hz and although this will be ok if it's video being displayed but any text will look horrible. If you do it this way though you can just use a wireless video sender. I would say Genoma's idea of remote control of second computer would be easiest.
  4. Caged


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    You can get converters which will send VGA (D-Sub) over Cat5 cable with about no quality loss. This is the way to do it.


    Edit: When we run this stuff we do it with a composite BNC connection, but the projector is only about 20m from the video mixer so it's not a problem.
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  5. Mr. Brightside

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    Thanks for the replies :)

    Unfortunately, it needs to something that we could have running by Monday at the absolute latest (First dress rehearsal is Saturday, second on Monday, and then the actual performances are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

    So it would seem that the only solution is something entirely software based thus enabling quick delivery - Genoma, that's what I had feared. Hopefully sourcing laptops won't be a problem. However this leaves two problems:
    a) Whatever the solution is, it must be 100% reliable so as not to ruin the show (YA RLY) :p
    b) I need to find said software. I'm sure I read about a program a few months ago designed to allow you to use old laptops as secondary screens - you run it as a server on the laptop and then you can install a virtual driver, as though it were another generic monitor - and so it functions just like this to Windows.

    Any help finding this would be great. Thanks :)
  6. Mr. Brightside

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    Joined: 27 Apr 2004

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    Ok, I've just had a phone call from my brother who is at the technical rehearsal. Director of lighting asked him to phone and explain the situation. They are indeed running a slideshow or two (it woke me up so my main priority was getting him off the phone :p).

    Anyway point is I wasn't wrong. They are running two projectors but I'm not sure if they will be showing the same thing or different things. Seems a software solution is the way. A few keywords later through Google I found the program I mentioned I had seen (couldn't remember the name). So I may aswell mention it incase anyone else is interested:

    Thanks to all with the suggestions :)