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removing "msn" from vista, ok to do so?

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by pieman109, 28 Oct 2007.

  1. pieman109


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    Right, desperate measures here to keep me daughter off msn when shes on the pc doing her college coursework (she just can't resist the temptation to go on it and so forgets the time and the work doesn't get done). Is it ok to remove msn totally from vista 32bit business version, and download and reinstal it at a later date? or is there a way I can lock her out of it, say with a password? :p
  2. csmager


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    It doesn't come with MSN at a fresh install, and Windows no longer comes with Windows Messenger. So the MSN that's there has been installed since windows was.

    Either way, it's fine to remove it. There are various web messenger services that don't require MSN installed to use (e.g. http://webmessenger.msn.com/ )... but I guess you just keep quiet about that.
  3. Fire Wizard


    Joined: 17 Oct 2007

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    Hey pieman109, you don’t have to uninstall Windows Live Messenger, you can quite easily block the program and a few other things as well :p, however if your daughter is currently using your account you will have to create an account for her. :)

    To start off log into your account, once you are logged in, open up Control Panel, once it has loaded up go to "User Accounts and Family Safety". Under the main heading, "User Accounts", click on "Add or remove user accounts". You will now be in the "The Manage Accounts" page, click on "Create a new account setting". (This will be the account your daughter will be using)

    Now it will ask you to name the account and choose an account type (The important bit). Put the accounts name as your daughter or whatever you choose and then make sure the account type selected is "Standard User" and not "Administrator". Then click the "Create Account" button at the bottom.

    Now under "Additional things you can do" it will say "Set up Parental Controls", click on that option. Once the next window appears, click on your daughters account.

    Now this page (User Controls) will enable you to restrict the account from doing certain things. Under "Set up how (The Accounts Name) will use the computer", it will say "Parental Controls", now check the "On, enforce current settings". You can also check "Activity Reporting" to monitor exactly what your daughter is doing on the computer.

    Under "Windows Settings", it should say "Windows Vista Web Filter", "Time Limits", "Games" and "Allow and block specific programs". First go to the "Windows Vista Web Filter" option. Make sure you highlight the "Block some websites or content". Under "Allow and block specific websites" click on "Edit and Allow block list"

    Your daughter most likely knows of something called Web Messenger, she will probably try and use this if she is unable to get onto Windows Live Messenger. So put the following in the "Website address" part:


    Then click on the "Block" button. This will completely block that particular website. If you want to block any other websites, just pop the website address into that box and click "Block". After you have done this click "Ok".

    Under "Block web content automatically - Choose a web restriction level:", Choose either the High setting or the Medium one depending of course how you feel about this. You can also block downloads.

    After that is all done click "Ok".

    Once you are back onto the main "User Control" page, you can also set when you want your daughter to use the computer and which games you would like your daughter to be able to play, if any. Once you have configured them to your liking click on the "Allow and block specific programs" setting. This is where you can select the programs you want or don't want your daughter to use.

    First of all make sure under the "Which programs can (The Account's Name) use" make sure that the "(The Account's Name) can only use the programs i allow" setting is checked. Now just simply go down the list and check all the programs that you want your daughter to be able to use.

    The easier way is to press the "Check All" button at the bottom and then just deselect the programs that you don't want your daughter to be able to use. Once you have configured it to your likening, click the "Ok" button and then "Ok" again.

    Now when your daughter logs into her own account and try’s to access say for example one of the blocked programs (Windows Live Messenger), it will come up with the following message:


    It said’s "If you want access to this program, you will need permission" and underneath that it will say "Ask as administrator for permission". If your daughter clicks on that part, it will then ask (Providing you have put a password on your account) for a/your password. So it is very important to put a password on your account.

    Note - Make sure you set a password for your account!!!!!!!!! :p:)
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  4. Fire Wizard


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    Hey pieman109, if I haven't explained something very well or a part isn't written very clearly and it’s not fully understandable, please don't hesitate to say so. I will then try and explain it to you in a better manner. :)