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Repair advice

Discussion in 'Motors' started by alexisonfire, 7 Jun 2010.

  1. alexisonfire


    Joined: 8 Sep 2005

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    Location: Chichester

    Just got the car back from the mot and it has failed on the following:

    Car is a 56 plate swift, mot was done at suzuki, and from the above quote im under the impression that just the rubber bush needs replacing? I've been quoted £220 to fix it by suzuki but this sounds incredibly high? I've changed a bush before, albeit on a much older car, but can't understand how they are charging £120 parts + £100 labour for this.

    Advice? :)
  2. Maccapacca


    Joined: 13 Apr 2010

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    Location: Sunny Sussex

    Probably not a servicable part, likely to be the arm as well, sounds like one hours work @ £100 ph
  3. [TW]Fox

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    It is much more common these days to replace the suspension arm as a whole rather than just the bushes.

    Pretty shoddy thats its gone already, I am guessing by virtue of the fact its a Swift its a low mileage car?

    Why are you MOTing it so early, surely its not due for its second MOT until after September some time?
  4. Peerzy


    Joined: 9 Nov 2008

    Posts: 6,878

    When my GF bought her 56 plate car it still had 4 months left before it needed its first MOT but she got it done then so she was buying it for a full year, might have been the same case for this car?
  5. Aero


    Joined: 19 Sep 2007

    Posts: 3,149

    As Fox said it'll probably be for the whole arm rather than just the bush, if you are unsure ring around for seperate quotes.
  6. 4T5

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 30 Aug 2004

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    Location: Middle of England

    It'll be the full arm they will replace & they are over charging you for a Gen part & Stealer labour prices.
    Price up a Suspension arm at an Indi yourself & then fit it then take it back for the retest.
  7. alexisonfire


    Joined: 8 Sep 2005

    Posts: 3,684

    Location: Chichester

    The car is actually my partners, which i've been using for the past 4months as my car has been off the road. Its done heavy mileage in a short space of time, coming up to 20k in less than a year and 40k in total. No idea on the mot side of things, i assumed suzuki had contacted her to say it was due.