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Replacing Motherboard

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by FATCAT DESIGN, 16 May 2006.



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    I have a jetway miniq with the following motherboard which seems that the capacitors are on their way out. I need to replace it. I was hoping to put everything into a new larger case aswell. So my question is what is the best motherboard I can get which all my 'bits' will still fit? I am hoping to rebuild a very quiet machine, so the case I will look for is something cool and quiet.

    Set up at moment: Jetway 854GDA motherboard
    CPU P4HT 3080 MHz (23x134) Northwood
    nVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE
    160gb Samsung SP1614N Ultra ATA/133
    x2 DIMM2: 512mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM

    Any help would be appreciated, I know it's not really top spec machine but it does me for my work.

    Thanks in advance :D
  2. deadeyedic30

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    I'm guessing your mobo and cpu are socket 478 which has been long on it's way out. Only board OCuk has is a DFI board and that cost a £100. Gonna need to check the auction site, as for recommendations no idea, AMD all the way. :p
    Should have said it's in the clearance section.
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    thanks for the feedback, yes it is 478 sorry should have said.

    Seems the feel on here that AMD is the way to go over Pentium, as you can probably tell comps not my strong point, but always bought Pentium.

    I will check the board you mentioned, thanks once again.