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Researchers say smacking kids lowers their IQ, researchers need a smack.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mrk, 25 Sep 2009.

  1. mrk

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    From this article:

    I agree with the first comment by Shinsengumi that proper discipline clearly laid out so the kid knows what he or she did wrong is the correct way. Today's parenting is rubbish.

    Oh the spoonings I received when I was younger....fun -ouch filled memories :p
  2. BigglesPiP


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    How about this, kids with a lower IQ get in trouble more...
  3. KNiVES


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    Kids who get smacked gets the message that violence is the answer to things that are wrong.
  4. vincent1989


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    don't ruin a good story with the truth!
  5. Vixen


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    You can't compare a child who has been smacked to a child who hasn't and then state it's scientific proof. The only fair comparison is to test a child before introducing any punishment and then again after.
  6. person


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    Whether this is true or not .. some kids just deserve it, also what about the effects on the parents when their being kicked/punched/bitten as some kids do ! its like its bad for parents to hit kids but the kids can hit them
  7. The Dread Pirate


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  8. Jock Dodds


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    Rubbish, my dad beat the **** out of me and I'm as sharp as an apple!
  9. mac1st3


    Joined: 14 Jun 2009

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    I was smacked as a child and I'm fign >.> :p
  10. Kristoph


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    Smack has just lost all meaning and is now a weird sound in my head.
  11. Moley


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    My wife and I are expecting our first child and as you can imagine I am pretty excited at the prospect of being a Dad. The one thing I am not looking forward to is having to discipline the child as he or she grows up. My parent were reasonably strict and I did get a clout from my dad on the odd occasion - but only for really serious issues.

    I think I will take the same approach - no corporal punishment except for probably life-threatening issues.
  12. boxman2000


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    Spare the rod, spoil the child!

    Problem with anything these days is that the actions of the minority are reacted upon by the majority.

    Good old 'nanny state'
    Last edited: 25 Sep 2009
  13. Mr Jack


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    There's been plenty of reasearch into smacking, this is hardly a unique finding. It's a rubbish form of punishment.

    Good parents both don't use it, and don't need to use it.
  14. Skidder

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    equally, dim people may tend to approve of smacking and when dim people breed, they produce dim children
  15. Morgoth


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    I don't think you can get a better punishment than a good beating. I got a few and I can't wait to dish it out on my kids!
  16. semi-pro waster

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    That was my first thought, you can't state that it proves anything because you don't know if the child would have had a higher IQ without smacking. I'm generally not in favour of smacking children except, perhaps, as a very last resort but this does not constitute good proof that it is damaging to a childs mental health.
  17. V4NT0M


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    Kids are crap these days, they're full of disorders and problems etc...
  18. Mr Jack


    Joined: 19 May 2004

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    This is completely wrong. You do need to take various steps to ensure that your populations are comparable, which is difficult to do with things like smacking because there are a whole load of associated issues, but comparing two seperate populations is perfectly good science.
  19. Ziggy


    Joined: 4 Apr 2009

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    I find a bit of molesting is more effective as a punishment tbh.
  20. mac1st3


    Joined: 14 Jun 2009

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    I'm with you, when I was a kid, if someone didn't behave it was because they were stupid/attention seeking, not because of some "learning difficulty"

    20 years down the line my brother eventually gets diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (assburgers to me and you) and while it explains a lot of his mentalities as a child, it should never be used as an excuse :/