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RGB LED Strips for Asus Z270 Maximus Hero IX Board

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by spikey_58, 24 Aug 2018.

  1. spikey_58


    Joined: 24 Aug 2018

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    Hi All

    I have the above motherboard, which is Asus Aura Synch of which my Asus GTX 1080 synchs with the board colours.

    I bought the Bitfenix 3.0 RGB strips on Wednesday and when came to plug them in yesterday I found that my RGB headers on my board are both 4 pin, and the Bitfenix strips are all 3 pin. Oooops.

    I spoke to OC returns and Sales team and they said there aren't any 4 pin strips but so many people have led lighting and they can't all be running off Z370 boards with 3 pin connectors?

    1) I have arranged a return for these but can someone please tell me what i need to buy to get LED strips to work off my motherboard - what strips are 4 pin connectors?

    2) Of course it would be nice to be able to synch to my board and graphics card but if not, then static would be fine to illuminate, blue, green, white etc.

    Many thanks