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rigging up 3 speakers to a stereo amp...can it be done?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by ThriceNightly, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. ThriceNightly

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    hi i'm wondering if the following is possible

    i have a set of monitor audio silver s5 floorstanders and a single lcr centre speaker

    i have a stereo amp (kenwood ka3020se) with outputs for 2 sets of speakers which are controlled from front panel i.e. a, b a&b)

    would my stereo amp be able to power 2 floorstanders and 1 centre speaker. the idea would be for speaker output a to power the floorstanders and b to power the centre.

    what is the correct way of wiring up the centre in this scenario?..... i.e.would i use just one speaker cable from either the left or right channel or would i use both? (note the centre is capable of being bi wired)
  2. Matblack


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    You can wire in another speaker or two but the (b) set will be purely a copy of the 2 (a) stereo channels, so your centre will output either the same as your (a) left or the same your (a) right. The amp still only has two chanels your just using the same one to power 2 speakers.

    So the answer is yes and no :D

    ..... but not in a good way :(