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rip DVDS to file (avi)

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by adamknox, 9 Mar 2010.

  1. adamknox

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    Any one know of any good free software to do this? >< After loseing My fave dvd to heavy scratchs and finding out its £30 as its rare (Ghos****ch) i want to backup my fave dvd's to my pc. Any one know of any goodens? Only ones i seem to find have watermarks or after crap tbh -_-
  2. mrk

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  3. jbloggs


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  4. SimonC

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    I thought handbrake only done mp4 and mkv?
    DVDFab and Autogk is what I use.
  5. Bony Maloney


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    DVDFab & Handbrake
  6. PatZ1989

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    Bony has it, dvdfab + handbrake works well for me
  7. rickyt


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    I now put all my DVD's on to SD card , use those SD/USB media players now , less fuss and the quality's still good enough . I rip the disks with Fab or sometimes Shrink , but I find Xillisoft is ace at converting the vobs to xvid/divx . Some programs I've tried had the audio/video out of sync.
  8. molemole0


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    Use handbrake
  9. Semple


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  10. marmalade

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    DVD Flick also join 2 CD movies together:

    ConverXtoDVD does this too though I now tend to prefer Flick which is free
    Last edited: 10 Mar 2010
  11. Red Porsche

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    Have you tried getting it repaired? I have badly scratched xbox games with really heavy scratching. It took a few go's on the cd repair machines at a local games store but it worked and was only a few quid. :)

    Sorry, i know its not what you asked but it might help you. :)
  12. alle

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    ...I use DVD-WMV as opposed to creating avi files.