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Rome and Florence in December

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by borich_planner, 22 Sep 2009.

  1. borich_planner

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    I am going to Italy from the 4th to 9th December for a spot of Christmas shopping with my girlfriend as her grand parents leave in Mentana just east of Rome. I have been to Rome many times and I think Christmas it will be really nice with the buzz of Christmas and well Rome at night looks fantastic.

    However, are we are hiring a car we thought about heading north to stay in Florence on the Saturday night. Has anyone here been to Florence in December? What’s it like their in Christmas time? Are their markets there etc?

    Finally what sites do you recommend to see in Florence, we will be there from late sat morning to the Sunday evening.

  2. jakeke


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    Plenty of high street shops in Florence
  3. Azagoth


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    Perhaps on the way you could stop for a meal around Lago de Bracciano, could be rather romantic if it's icy and snowy.
  4. techy6


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    You might be disappointed, the Italians don't really "do" Christmas, they go nuts for the January 6th celebrations in true European style. I've been there in December before and you wouldn't really know it was Christmas.

    Having said that, the shops will still be open :D. Just don't expect tinsel.
  5. Casdawer


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    Just came back from Rome on Saturday.

    Have to say that there aren't that many shops in Rome and i found it to be a bit of a ****hole, but that's my opinion.

    Florence on the other hand is a beautiful place.
  6. borich_planner

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    Rome is nice in summer and the sites are amazing, but I have been there so many times So I thought Florence will be a good trip, and then Ositia, Hadrians Villa, and pompeii for the rest of the break

  7. WILD9

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    Dont miss Loggia dei Lanzi in florence, all the sculptures there are amazing. Also The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral) is pretty impressive, then you've got the old bridge which as I remember it has a lot of jewellery shops on it so if your going with your girlfriend it might turn quite expensive ;). Didn't think much of the river running through the city though, it looked more like an open sewer.