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Rooney hospital in fire alert!

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by The_One, 7 Jun 2006.

  1. The_One


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  2. Christo


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    Doctors from Manchester United and the England team are studying the scan - and it has been reported that United lawyers have now joined them.

    Once a decision is made coach Sven-Goran Eriksson will be informed by phone and Rooney will either fly back to Germany to re-join the squad or stay at home to watch the World Cup on television.

    Rooney has a plane waiting at Manchester Airport with a 2000 BST slot to take him back to Germany - but it now looks like he will miss that flight no matter what the decision is.

    The Manchester United star has now spent about two hours at the hospital while the scans are studied.

    There has also been a minor diversion when a fire engine turned up at the hospital - in front of the massed media - and firefighters went in. It is not known what alarm prompted their arrival.

    Olly Foster, reporting from outside the hospital for BBC News 24, said live on air: "It's looking like bad news. Why aren't they coming out with a decision? The more Manchester United people are in there - and the longer it takes - it's not looking good for that metatarsal."

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  3. Mikey1280

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    Sounds like bad news then :(
  4. wozzizname

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    Am I alone in thinking that country should come before club ?
    I wish Ferguson would meddling, it's obvious he's doing everything he can to stop Rooney playing.
  5. refuzion


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    If he gets to play in this world cup, it'll be a miracle :(
  6. Christo


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  7. james.miller


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    i wonder. if Rooney did play only to break his foot again, being much worse this time (which is totally in the realms of possibility) would you still be saying the same thing?

    Shouldnt it be "doesnt Rooney come before anything else" or are people too blind as to put their world cup hopes before the players themselfs?

    Please note i am not saying This is the reason Furgy is interfering, but it hate it if Rooney was ruled out for months or years because peopel are too eager to get him playing again.
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  8. wassap


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    What do you expect from a jock.
  9. 5ingh


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    talksport person: wayne rooney has left the hospital with david davis. hes definately left with a big smile on his face.

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  10. Christo


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    Man Utd website says "decisive" Wayne Rooney foot scan result will be announced tonight...
  11. ChroniC


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    Offical skys posrts news
    Hes going