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Router with a flexible firewall

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by monaco87, 28 Jul 2006.

  1. monaco87


    Joined: 19 Jun 2005

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    Location: Belfast, N.Ireland

    I'm looking for an ADSL router with a firewall that's very configurable. I need to be able to block all inbound traffic except traffic originating from one IP address, to one IP address, and using one designated port number say 15000. This router will be used to handle 99% inbound traffic and only about 1% outbound - completely the reverse of a typical PC users broadband connection.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions of a router which would fit the bill?

  2. Wyvern971

    Wise Guy

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    Well if you know what you're doing the Ciscos are very configurable, but from what you're saying all you need is a router which supports port forwarding.

    Virtually all ADSL routers support this.
  3. tolien


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    As said, NAT with a port forwarded will automatically do what you're looking for.

    Mostly downloading is exactly what most "broadband connections" do.
  4. monaco87


    Joined: 19 Jun 2005

    Posts: 172

    Location: Belfast, N.Ireland

    Most of those I have looked at that allow port forwarding do it globally, i.e. you can't limit the connectivity based on source address, the port is open for all as would be typical for a web server. Cisco's would do it but are a bit pricey.

    What I need is a firewall that would block all incoming traffic EXCEPT from a nominated IP address and on a nominated port e.g. the following two rules would do it on a generic firewall where HOSTA and is the remote address and HOSTB is the target behind the firewall (NAT'ed)

  5. zetec452


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