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Salvage jobs

Discussion in 'Motors' started by SuperMan, 31 Jul 2006.

  1. SuperMan

    Wise Guy

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    Woken up this morning by lots of banging and noise from the new next door neighbour.

    Turns out he buys insurance write offs and repairs them then sells them on. He is a doing a Fiesta at the moment. Just wondering how much money is in this? Will he make a big profit or not.

    Didn't want to be cheeky and ask him ;)
  2. Scania


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    Depends entirely on the degree of damage, cost of buying the damaged car in the first place, and, the prices his suppliers for bits 'n bobs charge.

    You can make a tidy sum repairing the right cars, especially if the damage is easily repaired.

    I have a mate who's e36 325i was written off after been stolen & subsequently recovered, it had lock damage and nothing else! :eek:

    The car had done 230,000miles so was worth little, I bet somebody has already fixed & sold it on for a few hundred quid profit.
  3. Oracle


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    Same, neighbour near me does this for a living from his own 4 bed house with double garage. Yes, he does it for a LIVING!

    Spends all day on some and hes even had a few exotics!

    Average house price in our development is £325,000 so he's obvioulsy doing OK as according to my 'rents, he has no mortgage!

    Bum tbh!