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Samsung 970 Evo M.2 has 40 lost partitions which I didn't create

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by BigJ37, 28 Jan 2019.

  1. BigJ37


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    Hi if anybody could help it would be greatly appreciated as I'm confused.
    I have just built a new PC in December and installed a Samsung 970 Evo M.2 from Amazon Warehouse, it was described as like new with minor damage to the packaging. I deleted a file today by mistake and used mini tool to scan the M.2 drive, when scanning, it uncovered 35 lost partitions which was confusing as when I 1st installed the drive I have only ever done a fresh install of Windows and other programs that I use.

    I have working files on a second sandisk 500gb ssd drive and games files on a third firecuda 2tb drive. Have run scans on these drives as bought from new and have only ever had one partition.

    While looking for the deleted files on the samsung I noticed the dates and files installed on the lost partitions. there where games that I have never played in some of the partitions, like championship manager and F1 racing, fifa, far cry 3, devil may cry 4 and Gigabytes of files that where not mine. the dates where modified before I had even built the PC but after I had received it from Amazon.
    I installed windows from a surface but again have never played these games on the surface and would not explain the multiple lost partitions.

    I contacted Amazon to complain about being sold a drive with somebody else's data on it and have performed a second scan and it now shows up there are 40 partitions and after viewing more there are some files in later partitions that have my name on and companies name. I have not partitioned the drive since my last scan.

    Have I been sold another persons second hand drive, with all there information on?

    Have I been hacked?

    Has somebody physically swapped the drives over?

    or am i just being dumb lol

    (In my MSI Bios i did notice that I had secure virtual machine set to on and have not done this manually, but have updated the bios. Don't really understand what this does but know you can run multiple machines from you processor/ have Ryzen thredripper 1920x. And don't intend to do this.)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  2. ZP9

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    go into disk management and format the hard drive and then set it up as a new drive