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Samsung HR725, Samsung LE2351B and Freeview?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Leporello, 2 Mar 2006.

  1. Leporello


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    Dear Friends,

    as will be obvious from my question I'm very new to Home Cinema. I've connected up my components, listed in the topic. My Freeview tuner is A Sony VTX-D800U. My connections are as follows...

    Antenna wall socket coaxial connection to the RF input of the Sony STB, output to coaxial connection to RF in on the DVD recorder and output coaxial to RF in on my Samsung TV.

    The Sony STB is connected by fully wired SCARTs to the DVD recorder and to the TV, The DVD recorder attaches to the TV via the DVI to HDMI cable plus two phono.

    These connections are as indicated in all the relevant manuals. However, everything works except that I can't record Freeview. Please note the connection from the DVD recorder to the TV consists solely of the DVI/HDMI/Phono. Do I need a SCART between the DVD recorder and the TV in order to record Freeview?

    I'm not certain whether the DVI to HDMI connection does everything that a SCART does. I'm confused.

    Thanks for yoyr attention.