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samsung lcd wallmount?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by ONESHOTKILL, 22 May 2006.



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    does anyone know what sort of wallmount i will need for a 26 samsung lcd LE26R41BDX? and how much these brackets cost?
  2. Fr0dders


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    you want one with a VESA mounting pattern (thats like all of them, its an industry standard, i defy you to find one that isnt)

    and they cost about £40 for one that stays flat, or about £60 odd for one that tilts

    you could get an articulated one as well, but only if the TV is 25kgs or under

    as for where, i do know of a place that sells them quite cheaply, but its a competitor as it sells a few bits n bobs of PC stuff too
  3. ScoobyDoo


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    Have a look at the AV Forums website, under lcd tvs they have a power buy section for a wall mount. Supposed to be very good, and ive just ordered one. If you ask Chris he will give you a discount code to take the price down from £65 to £49 inc delivery.