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San Andreas Mods

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by danza, 8 Mar 2006.

  1. danza


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    'Lo all,

    I found out about a San Andreas mod today, whilst browsing a mag in a shop this arvo, called Multi Theft Auto. I think it basically allows for multi player shenanigans over the net, but I'm not quite sure. Can you, for instance still do missions, pinch cars etc. Sounds interesting and i think I'll d/l it soon.

    Any other mods out there that are worth a bash???

  2. spoonz

    Wise Guy

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  3. Last Kronin


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    There was mention of a full British mod for it, but that was ages ago and still think its in early stages.
  4. ScarySquirrel


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    at the moment MTA for SA is just races and stuff, they do have a free roam mode but its not exactly been fully tested.

    the races are good fun, they should be implementing death match soon

    so no, you cant do missions etc etc