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SanDisk Ultra II SSD failed. What are my options to try and access data??

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by peanutismint, 21 Jun 2019.

  1. peanutismint


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    One of my SSDs that holds my MacOS install on my PC has seemingly failed without warning. It was 4 years old (just over the 3 year warranty, well played SanDisk...).

    It now doesn't appear in Windows on the same machine or even in BIOS, but it does appear in EaseUS backup software (https://imgur.com/a/kEbuYVG). This happened once before a few weeks ago but after power cycling and re-plugging the SATA/power cables it came back to life. This time, no such luck. I should've sensed the impending doom then....

    I've obviously tried different SATA cables, different SATA ports and different power plugs - no luck with any of them.

    I'm not hugely worried about recovering my data as I store all my important documents/media on a different drive (laughably a mechanical HDD that is like 5+ years older than this failed SSD!!) but I would like to try and get access to one or two files I was working on at the time of failure, if possible. Is there anything else I can try to access the drive? I heard somebody talk about 'power cycling' it without the SATA cable plugged in but this doesn't seem to have worked yet....

    Any ideas how to mount it??
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