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sata II or 10,000rpm greatest gain?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Beeg, 17 Jan 2006.

  1. Beeg


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    I was wondering if anyone knew what would give me greatest benefit on a gaming machine.(not raid yet, for cost and I need to see if I still love to play)

    a sata 150 10,000 8mb cache WD

    a sata 300 7,200 16mb cache WD

    a sata 300 7,200 NCQ 8mb cache Seagate

    I am on a semi budget until I decide I am fully back in fps after a long stint roleplaying.

    my thoughts where a sata 300 would load everything very fast, but a 10,000 rpm drive might make more difference in a game where 300 bandwidth would not be fully utilized.

    advice appreciated

    /edit slapped my wrist and removed links. soz
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  2. Duke

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    Read the FAQ mate, can't link to competitors!

    In reply to your thread though, if you want speed, go for the Raptor :) The only difference between ATA133 and SATA is the connection.. the drives are near enough idential and don't offer any more speed. The drives don't yet fully use the ATA133 bandwidth yet.
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  3. Beeg


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    opps very sorry did not think about that. wont happen again, was just using as examples