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Scrolling problems with MSI GX660R

Discussion in 'Laptops & Tablets' started by Moncai, 25 May 2012.

  1. Moncai


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    First of all apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm having problems with my laptop I bought from Overclockers, its seemingly happened out of the blue as I can't remember changing anything.

    What happens is the laptop automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page on occasion, this might happen when browsing or when I try to type an adress into Firefox it will just scroll down to previously typed ones and auto fill it (which is infuriating - it also happens with the google toolbar). Another problem that I'm sure s related is that when I press shift it is sometimes highlighting all the text. Also when I am trying to open a tab in a new window by CTRl and clicking sometimes it just starts randomly scrolling through my other tabs. I've tried using a system restore, updating my mousepad drivers but neither has worked. I've also checked its not just the browser that it does this in, by using
    word. any ideas? Thanks.

    also, say I am scrolling down a page using page down, occasionally it will just scroll to the end of the page with only one click of the button.

    EDIT: When it starts looping and constantly scrollign when Im starting to type an address I can stop it by pressing scroll lock. However this is ony temporary and works one off.
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