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Seasonic S12 600W Silent -Tagan TG580-U22 580W

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by KillBoY_UK, 26 May 2006.

  1. KillBoY_UK


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    lookking for lower nosie and my Overclocked x2 at 2.7ghz and x1900xt with watercooling gear and fan contollers with headroom for anthour x1900xt or more power hungry stuff , also got to have same ammount of connectors as my present Hyper 580w (the nosiy bugger that it is) don't want to spend much more than a 100quid i picked th Tagan has ive had a 480w and was inpressed with the quality and Db's that it was out putting (or lack ) and the Seasonic as ive herd there better or atleast quieter,