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Sennheiser PC160 or medusa

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by SameSuspect, 16 Jul 2006.

  1. SameSuspect


    Joined: 7 Jul 2005

    Posts: 711

    Location: Suffolk

    has anyone got these? whats the overall sound quality like? also does the earpads actually fit round the ear? Or are the cushions on the p60's so soft it doesnt matter

    i dont wanna spend money on these when the medusa's are more comfy, better sound quality ect
  2. SnipaMasta


    Joined: 8 Apr 2006

    Posts: 73

    The Sennheiser's will be better quality sound - unless you listen to "heavier" music, in which case I would consider the Medusa's to be equal. For gaming, the Medusa's are better simply because they're surround (or an appropriate approximation) instead of stereo.
  3. fish99


    Joined: 19 May 2005

    Posts: 5,055

    Location: Doncaster

    Never heard the PC160 but I can't image the Medusa would have better sound quality. I do own the Medusas are they don't sound great to me, plus the surround sound is pretty weak. I wouldn't use them for music, but I suppose they do a job for games.
  4. Angilion

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 5 Dec 2003

    Posts: 18,767

    Location: Just to the left of my PC

    I've found the Medusas to be rubbish for surround sound.

    They don't have front channels. IMO, that is rather a serious drawback for surround sound in games. They have left, right, centre, left-and-slightly-rear, right-and-slightly-rear. I also get "jumps" in games, i.e. parts where the apparent source of the sound in the gameworld will jump from one place to another as I move in the gameworld.

    Quite crap, really. Nice idea, but I don't think it works.

    I have found the Medusas to be very comfortable to wear, even on my big head.

    Sound quality would be better on a similarly priced decent pair of stereo headphones, of course.

    From what I've read, the fake surround sound on an X-Fi with stereo headphones works well enough to make them a better buy.
  5. Imy


    Joined: 21 Nov 2005

    Posts: 2,771

    Location: Nuneaton, UK

    I have the PC160 and they have excellent sound, especially for gaming BUT the ear pads do not fit around your ears but instead apply pressure on them eventually causing them to hurt. If your ears get hot/irritable easily as well I strongly recommend against the PC160.
  6. b0rn2sk8


    Joined: 9 Mar 2003

    Posts: 7,644

    Just get a decent pair of stero headphones, 5.1 ones are just a gimmick.

    I have tried the medusa's, they are very confertable but i just ended up using the supplied adaptor to turn them into stero headphones, i found it was much easier to determine where the sound is coming from with just the 2 channels.
  7. SameSuspect


    Joined: 7 Jul 2005

    Posts: 711

    Location: Suffolk

    yeah thats what im going to do, 5.1 headphones dont seem all that worth it,

    its quality,comfort im looking for, i cant see any of the 5.1 having decent enough soundquality for me. so im going for the Sennheiser HD515 sterios.

    and getting the Creative Inspire T6060 5.1 setup for the surround. (not a good buy i know but on this budget its all i can do, plus i use headphones most the time)

    and getting one of them desktop mics