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Sensible Soccer is coming back HOOORRayyy!

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by Stephen7372, 7 Feb 2006.

  1. Stephen7372


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    on Hare’s legendary Sensible Soccer finally makes it's long overdue return to the virtual pitch this summer as Codemasters announce the forthcoming release of Sensible Soccer for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC.

    Hardcore fans of the original have long campaigned for it to be recognised as one of the all time greats of videogame football. Indeed, SPOnG has witnessed near fist-fights in public bars between fans of the original Sensi and fans of that other all-time great, Kick Off 2.

    Why is the game so revered? SPOnG believes that the reason our peers get so rheumy-eyed when they talk about the game is down to three very basic reasons. It was loads of fun, it made you laugh out loud, and it was more addictive than crack cocaine (or, back in those more innocent days of the late 80’s, more addictive than those Embassy Regal you used to buy from the corner shop for 10p each).

    The All New Sensi, as we will now affectionately call it for the duration of this piece, makes no pretence to be a realistic representation of a the game of football, and therein lies its genius. In these days of the annual Pro Evo versus FIFA battle for footy realism and authenticity every autumn, it's hopefully going to be a real breath of fresh arcade air.

    Sensi is about insane speed and hilariously over the top after touch on the ball. Its about curling the ball into the top of the net from 40 yards out. It’s the stuff of football fans' dreams made real and brought to your telly.

    Mix this in with the classic, hilarious replays and a whole host of very cool sounding new features and you can see why SPOnG is getting excited. In footballing terms, while Pro Evo and FIFA may well be the equivalent of United and Chelsea (okay lads, just argue amongst yourselves on that point) Sensible Soccer is the equivalent of Pele’s short-lived but legendary New York Cosmos team from the 70s. It’s not in any way real, but that’s not the point. It’s the stuff of legend.

    The All New Sensi features 5,000 caricatured players with the biggest heads you've ever seen in football, all in cartoony cel-shaded 3D. Not real, you see, but funny. SPOnG has to make the obvious point that some of our premiership players don’t really need their heads enlarged any more than they already are, although if it makes them look any dafter than they already do, what with their girly hairstyles and their big gay jewelery and tats, then we’re happy with that.

    The All New Sensi will also include fast cutting replays that take you right into the action as your big-headed players, shown in a new 3D cel-shaded visual style, celebrate those outrageous curling goals from 30 yards out in those glorious animations that we still to this day bore strangers about in pubs.

    After the replay, you’re straight back into the action viewed with Sensi's trademark zoomed out, birds-eye camera, which lets you see more of the pitch and provides you with the very best way to execute your passing, dribbling, and perfect finishing.

    Jon Hare, designer and producer of the original Sensible Soccer and games design consultant on this edition has the following to say about The All New Sensi: "It’s the perfect blend of past, present and future with all the speed, fun and playability of the original combined with all the animations, four-player fun and spiced up with a magical sprinkling of original gameplay features that have never been seen before, including a mega single-player mode, 360-degree control and video style replays featuring cel-shaded caricatures of those lovable big-headed players."

    Here are some of the first screens we’ve seen from the game. Bear in mind these are taken from early PS2 code, which, whilst in no way near finished, give a good idea of the caricatured big-headed players.

    Codemasters will publish Sensible Soccer for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this summer. For more info on big-headed banana kicks and halfway-line hoofers check out more online at the game's website here.. Oh, and there’s a mobile phone version planned too, which might well convince us that not all mobile phone games are pointless after all.

    Finally, soccer fans have something to look forward to in the summer, other than waving goodbye to Sven.
  2. bloodline76


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    I am not sure that they will be able to recreate the old magic of SS. I am hoping that I am wrong but I feel that it will end up as a bit of a disappointment.
  3. Ukadder

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    Can't see it working to be fair, for me SS was about fast paced action useing the overhead view suited the game perfectly for the time. Now everything is 3D I just cant see how they could keep the old style graphics or make the old style of displaying the game not look hugly dated.

    I do love the idea of a new SS, but It's a case of looking back with rose tinted glasses knowing in my heart that the realism of Pro E and Fifa just can't be beaten in the long run.

    Hope I'm wrong though!
  4. Frosti

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    It looks pants :(

    Sensible soccer had it's day years ago and I will always have fond memories of it , but all this is going to do is tarnish the sensible name. I doubt it will stand up to the latest fifa let alone Pro Evo.
    Last edited: 7 Feb 2006
  5. HangTime

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    Don't be so sure - I've recently been playing that New Star Soccer 3, and that style of play can still be immensely good fun. I haven't played any recent versions of FIFA and I found the controls for Pro Evo 5 too confusing (probably due to the configuration screen being a stupid port of a console version, where you have to map pad buttons to the equivalent on a ps2 pad, rather than actual controls :rolleyes: )
  6. Spunj99


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    What he said.

    Also, this generation of kids won't understand why it's called Sensible Soccer, not being aware of Sensible Software even existing.

    So they'll see it in a shop and go, "SENSIBLE Soccer? Sounds like something my Mum would want me to play!"

    No? :o
  7. chimaera


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    If children these days are that ignorant they should be put down for the good of all mankind.
  8. nikebee


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    gah! old news...
    i thought it was being released like next week then or something :(

    still can't wait for it to come back though, hopefully it lives up to the hype :D
  9. Le Samourai

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    We play sensible soccer tv plug-in game at work, lunchtimes.

    Bought an el cheapo 15" tv just for it... great fun!

    What was the first system it came out on? I played it on the Amiga.
  10. Trick


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    I've gotta agree with Frosti. My hey-day of computing was spent with Speedball 2, Sensible Soccer, Rainbow Islands and Cannon Fodder. Whilst the best that gaming had to offer at the time, I don't think they'd stand up to scruntiny today. Things have just advanced too much and Pro Evo will take some beating.
  11. mmj_uk


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    They aren't looking to beat Pro Evo, they are merely offering an alternative with the emphasis on fun as opposed to simulation (or arcade rubbish in FIFA's case ;)).
  12. mpy32


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    amiga was the first and the best machine to play it on thought the mega drive version was poor tbh was like having glue shoes on the ball never seemed to leave your feet

    snes version was even worse amiga for the win :D
  13. Spunj99


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    I've been saying this for a long time...ignorant or not! :p
  14. KraniX


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    oh dear....



  15. Darryn


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    Graphics arent everything, we can only hope the gameplay is close to that of the original.
  16. LoadsaMoney


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    I remember this was posted ages ago, id forgotten about it, bugger the graphics the gameplay was fantastic, loved this on the Amiga, if they can get that same gameplay then it'll be a winner for sure. :)
  17. Docaroo


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  18. georges


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    I'll give it a try. :)

    Edit: For some reason that pwned my system and made it stop responding, then it stopped sending a signal to the monitor, while the sounds of the birds continued :/

    Needless to say, it's been uninstalled :p
    Last edited: 14 Apr 2006
  19. TriedandTested


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  20. Spunj99


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