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Shall I risk it with this girl?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by salami1212, 18 Mar 2012.

  1. Aedus


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    None of you really replied to my last message properly and I've already said what I thought on the subject so I felt no need to continue posting.

    I am browsing though, awaiting OP to post back results on what is/has happened with said girl.
  2. Dinomania


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    I think the ****/stud double standard comes from two things:

    1) Patriarchal society, etc.

    2) The disparity between easiness of getting laid between males and females.

    For example:
    Girl puts out booty call. Boy(s) oblige(s). Done.
    Boy puts out booty call. Girl(s) wonder(s) who the hell he thinks he is.

    I put it to the forum that a lot of women will look for 'something more' than sex, because actually, getting no-strings sex isn't all that difficult.

    Therefore if a lad managed to get several lays, he has overcome this 'something more' and has achieved something.

    Does that make sense? Is it horribly sexist? I couldn't guess /why/ it seems to be this way, but this is my opinion on it all.
  3. IrishChr1s


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    Make up your own mind, to bang or not to bang, how about take it easy, don't worry about feelings and worry about what you might catch. If you do have to worry about what she might have then it's something you should not be considering at all.

    Then off to the internets next time for more advice.......