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Sharepoint 2003 and linux browsers

Discussion in 'Linux & Open Source' started by goreblast, 9 Jan 2006.

  1. goreblast

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    My work has their holiday diary and some news for staff on Sharepoint 2003 which you can login to remotely. Works fine in IE vie Windows XP Pro.

    My aging laptop has been given a new lease of life with Ubuntu 5.10, but Firefox will not connect at all to the sharepoint server, neither will Opera (although it seems to have a better "go" than firefox). I then installed Konqueror which did allow me to login to the server, but gave be errors when some of the operations I tried to perform asked for my username and password again; it did have basic functionality and I was able to enter and amend holiday information.

    Should it have worked with firefox/opera? If so would it be better to use one of these as Konqueror is from KDE and I am using the standard Gnome Ubuntu Desktop. Is there another browser I should try?
  2. Berserker

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    Sounds like they've got the Sharepoint server set up to accept only Windows authentication, which will limit you to IE only. Sharepoint works just fine with Firefox if you have it set up right.