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Siberia 800 Replacement Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Gaming Peripherals' started by dante671, 28 Aug 2019.

  1. dante671


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    I've had the Siberia 800's for a couple of years now, unfortunately the joint between the headband and ear cup went and snapped last night. So I now find myself needing to replace them as it seems replacement parts are unavailable.

    The primary use for the headset is gaming, with a variety of games from 4X strategy to FPS. I've got a Blue Yeti so having a good quality mic on the headset is not important, or even necessary at all really, so audio quality is the highest priority.

    I also found the 2nd battery that came with the Siberia 800's to be one of the best features as I tend to have very long gaming sessions on weekends, or holidays, so a single battery wouldn't have lasted long enough.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on headsets that would meet these needs?

    The current headset that I've found, that would best meet them is the Arctis Pro Wireless, though it is rather expensive not that it'll stop me getting if thats best :).

    Thanks in advance
  2. UberGinge

    Wise Guy

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    I would look into getting them RMA'd with Steelseries directly. I did my old Wireless H (the one before Siberia 800) and they gave me full RRP back to spend with them. Could probably just get a like for like with the Arctis Wireless Pro.
  3. EsaT


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    Lots of better headphones from actual audio makers for cheaper.
    Heck, you can get absoltue top level headphones for gaming even for about £100.

    As for wireless fashion, wouldn't trust most of them to have actually that accurate sound.
  4. Webzta

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    I have the Arctis Pro Wireless, really happy with them. I also got them due to the second battery and the ability to replace the batteries.

    They are often on sale for up to 25% off, if you keep a look out :)

    **Also worth thinking about, grab a second hand headset off Ebay? Mates kid snapped his, and he got the headset only for £50 from memory..