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Sim card question

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by LORD APOCALYPSE, 24 Mar 2006.



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    Hello all.

    I'm wondering, ages ago i got one of those free simcard things from o2 and thought i'd try using it. It's never been used before, tried it in phone and works but no signal for network.

    As i can't remember what to do to activate them or whatever could someone remind me of what i do. I have that top up swipe card thing for it as well but haven't tried to activate it yet. Is is something to do with that?
  2. lozza

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    I think the O2 ones have a time limit on them
  3. dboundy


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    You need to top-up by £10 to activate the sim.

    Pretty sure it tells you this on the packaging of the sim card somewhere.