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Single black female: Love Island and the problem with race and dating

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dowie, 28 Jun 2018.

  1. dowie


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    (I don't watch this show btw..)

    Once again it seems that this groundbreaking, educational TV show has highlighted yet another social issue. I did wonder if this would happen when I saw the news coverage of the contestants previously back when Dr Chad didn't get picked as he simply wasn't as "alpha" as the super chads on the show. Sure enough the black female contestant isn't having a great time either - she's not exactly unattractive, she's certainly in shape, has a pretty face etc.. I guess it is more a case again of the other contestants simply being even more appealing than her rather than her being unappealing.

    It does seem to highlight some blatant double standards too in society re: a black woman causing controversy when she says she likes white guys but it simply being accepted for a black guy. I can see why (in Western countries at least) black females sometimes have trouble dating, they're (on average) perhaps a bit bulkier etc.. not fitting the western feminine ideal whereas that doesn't necessarily affect black men in the same way as they are often seen as strong/muscular etc.. Asians perhaps have the issue reversed with Asian women often being skinny, petite but Asian men seen as being a bit weaker, less masculine etc..

    I guess on a dating show these common (perhaps ingrained) preferences get shown up and not in a good way, even when the contestant herself is attractive and of a similar shape to the rest. I wonder if they perhaps might want to add a bit more diversity next time around - include some fat or skinny people or shorter people etc..etc.. though that might trash the ratings - perhaps they don't want to risk not having just people with the perma-tanned Essex look who seem to be standard for reality shows these days. Maybe, since they can rig/engineer a lot of the stuff on these shows, they could perhaps make sure they've got some better matching contestants... like get some guys on who have expressed that they fancy black girls, get some girls on who have said they find smart guys attractive - then perhaps lone black female and Dr Chad won't be left out.
  2. Malevolence


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  3. itchy


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    Diversity is a relative perspective of conjecture and is ill informed. ;)
  4. Doogles


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    Is it sexist to be gay/straight then?
  5. robfosters

    Haby Birtdoy

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    I have a serious problem with the accuracy of the statement ‘Dowie doesn’t watch Love Island’.
  6. Vinno

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    What a load of utter tosh.
  7. Tefal

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    The black electrical design engineer did ok didn't he?

    He was in better shape than the Dr though. I've not seen the current season though
  8. Mr Badger


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    Dowie starts yet another Love Island thread (his third so far?) and of course we all believe his claims that he doesn't actually watch it...

  9. Minusorange


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    Hopefully the single cell life we'll find on Mars will be more intelligent than those who watch & discuss this trash
  10. Tefal

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    Haha, didn't think that one through did you....
  11. Angilion

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    There's a definite difference between "blond hair and blue eyes" (by far the most famous part of the Nazi idea of ideal appearance) and "blondes and brunettes" (not that), especially for people who are hard of thinking. That's why some viewers of the program (who are more likely than average to find thinking difficult) made the association with Nazism. Not because the person saying it is "black".
  12. Zenduri


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    Hmmm a story about HPV island.. who the **** cares..... seriously.... Stop trying to make a story about nothing
  13. terley


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    You can say your not a racist all day long, but physical attraction will show the reality that racism is only an act not a feeling.

    I am generally less attracted to black women than white women.
  14. MooMoo444


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    This is everything wrong with men today

    How dare you? :mad:
  15. Mason-


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  16. robj20


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  17. Captain


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    Depends on the type of black woman, half cast, Hawaiian, Barbadian etc are beautiful.

    Nigerian and African, not so much.
  18. Maccy


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    Starting a thread with has even the slightest link to Love Island, is a strong contender for a name change...
  19. Efour


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    You like what you like it's not a social issue.
    Despite what we are told there's not a huge deal of interacial relationships that do succeed because of predudice on all sides.

    If you want it to work it will though....

    Not a huge deal
  20. Efour


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    Deffo a temp name change :p