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Sir Who beats 16 year old

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by digipeep, 14 Apr 2010.

  1. digipeep

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  2. meghatronic


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  3. digipeep

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  4. AHarvey


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    Without knowing what actually happened it's rather un-news worthy imho.

    He could of just grabbed her by the ear for misbehaving, she got her knickers in a knot and called the police. Perhaps she is a dirty little alcoholic trampy hoody and he gave her a slap? Or perhaps, he's just an evil **** and he beat an innocent little girl.

    However, the fact that the police let him go with a caution makes me think it's more than likely a case of a misbehaving teenager getting a slap.
  5. RopAyy

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  6. Nix


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    Exactly what I thought.

    Teenage girls are the worst of the worst. :/
  7. Energize


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    The same way everyone else in government got one, bribed someone.
  8. jumpy


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    Time was if I ever got a thick ear for being a git, running to the police was not an option... kids today, grumble grumble, not like it was in my day, grumble grumble :p