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Sky HD and moving house

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Evil-I, 11 Mar 2010.

  1. Evil-I

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    Hi All,

    Just wondered whats the best way of doing the switch over between houses with Sky?

    I have sky HD at present house but new house has nothing.

    Whats best /cheapest?
    closing existing sky account and starting new at the new house
    moving existing account?

    I'm well outside of my 12 month contract, so no issues there, also hanging my nose over the new 1tb sky HD box, hopefully it will be a little more stable than the crappy thomson one i have now.

    All advice appreciated,

  2. dbmzk1


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    Phone Sky. Normally you take your box, remote and viewing card with you and they simply install everything in your new home. It's free to £60 depending what mood they are in when you call :p

    With a new account you will not get a free/discounted box.
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  3. Abyss


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    My advice would be to cancel your current Sky and tell them you are moving abroad or just cancelling (not moving house).

    Then take out a new sky package at your new address under your partners name or a different card and take advantage of the free HD box and free installation. There is also an offer floating around that includes free HD for a year (saving £120)


    From past experience the best deals are as a new customer, and you get to keep the old box (sky multiroom?)
  4. Maxem


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    ****** First of all CANCEL your current sky package *******
    You have to serve 30 days notice with sky. They'll ask why and as another member has said just say that its then end of your rental lease and your moving to a house that has Virgin !!
    Approx 10 days before you move into your new house, book SKY ** ONLINE ** and via either "topcashback" or "quidco" ( these are websites that are like the guy that stands outside asda / tesco and gets you to sign up for sky - except YOU get the sign up fee - not them ) YOU MUST GO TO SKY ONLINE WHILST SIGNED INTO ONE OF THESE SITES.
    At the moment "Quidco" have £120 cashback if you sign up for sky ( online ) through them ( even the minimum package ) Sign up online , use a different account if you have one, and pick a date for your install. I jest not but I have just done this for the third year running and have a second new HD box that we can either sell or get multi room etc - options are endless
    Good luck !