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skype phone?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Mason64, 3 Mar 2006.

  1. Mason64


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    Basiclly i have 2 lines in my house at the moment and i use 1 for adsl and phone calls only and the other 1 is for home use.

    i am going to get rid of 1 line and just use my home line for my normal calls and internet and get a skype phone and phone number. do you think this is a good way to go and what is the best skype phone out there? well best for £30 ish


  2. Chocki

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    Better still get a USB-B2K unit which allows you to use your existing phone with VOIP.
    It plugs into your PC via USB and your existing phoneline. You can use your existing phone with it and basically, dial as normal for normal land line, but press the * first and it switches over to VOIP / SKYPE / VOIPCHEAP / SIP etc. Type in your number and press #

    Do a google for the above unit and have a read up about it.
    Basically it installs as an audio device on your PC.

    Note: To make VOIP calls with this unit, you have to have the PC switched on and running the appropriate VOIP software. If your PC is switched off, it will only make landline calls.

    It works very well, but is not 100% perfect (early days), some phones can be problematic and won't ring when there is an incoming VOIP call, and some VOIP services can also be a bit problematic, but that does really depend on your ISP. Tiscalli users seem to keep getting disconnected alledgedly!.
    This is exactly the same for Skype phones.

    But for £30 it pays for itself in no time at all, I regularly make calls to my girlfriend abroad for 0.5p per min whereas my landline costs are 22p per min and the quality by using VOIP is better as well!. (Using VOIPCHEAP).
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  3. Energize


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    Remember though with skype you cant call 999.