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'Small' Tripod Required

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by martinturner, 16 Apr 2010.

  1. martinturner

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    I currently own a Manfrotto full size tripod. I am going to the Lake District (family holiday) in a few weeks but don't want to lug my current tripod around with me. Is there a small sized tripod which is bigger than a gorillapod but much smaller than a standard full size tripod. I like the gorillapods, but you can only get them about a foot off the ground or they have to be gripped onto something. I was hoping for something that might extend to a couple of feet really.

    Cheers :)
  2. Mud


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    I've got a Gitzo GT1541T which I love (I wouldn't recommend use of the centre column, so this limits its height). If that's too expensive there's a knockoff that's nearly identical doing the rounds at auction (forget the name).
  3. Stupot_


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  4. Mud


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    Found it...Benro :cool:
  5. Mr Jones


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    I've got a Slik 450G that fits in the top section of my half camera bag pack. It's small and portable, often I hang it by the side of my sling bag when carrying light too. I got it at a bargain price on MM, might be hard to find though... it extends to about 1m. Only grip I have with it it's no ball head for flexibility between landscape and portrait (but the tripod is seriously portable and light, too much for versatility I suppose.)
  6. Amp34


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