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SNR/CRC Errors - Please Help

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by PiKe, 28 Mar 2006.

  1. PiKe


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    I had a battery contact on my line the other week which was fixed but it didn't solve my variable SNR and CRC errors.

    I started to graph as much information from my router as is useful and this has generated results which can be seen here: http://spiby.ath.cx

    As you can see i'm receiving a steady flow of Uncorrected Blocks, which, with my SNR I shouldn't be getting, also note the dip of 5db in SNR about an hour ago, I have no idea why that would happen but that would really produce a swift kick to the nads to my hope of 8meg (which with my line stats would be possible).

    I've been in contact with my ISP and they can't escalate the fault to BT as there isn't one as such, but you can see from the graphs generated that something isn't right. I have only had a phone engineer look at the line, a broadband engineer has yet to be let near it by my ISP (see above).

    Can anyone help me by getting some wheels turning to solve this fault?

    My work liine of 9db SNR and 67db Atten doesn't get as many CRC error's as my healthy line at home!