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So, 4/3/2GB with regards to Windows 7 and overclocking/performance

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by phr4n, 18 Oct 2009.

  1. phr4n


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    So, like many other people right now im contemplating upgrading to windows 7, I'm currently on XP sp3 and my rig is as follows, 2x1GB 6400 DDR2 ram, Q6600 oc to 3.8 with volts aplenty, 5850 also 8800GT physx gpu, 680i, and a bunch of hard drives, I will be installing on a sammy F3.

    I currently have 2gb of ram and am slightly worried that I may run into performance issue with gaming and aero usage. I will likely be going to 64bit win64 but may end up setting up a 32/64 dual boot to remove any possible compatibility issues. To the point, I dont really want to buy more ram as im going to be getting an I7 at some point in the new year but I do have 2 x 1gb sticks at my disposal that will run at the same speed as my current ram but are not the same brand.

    Wondering if anyone could tell me how having 4/3/2 sticks affect my performance within the OS and with respect to my CPU overclock, or is the point moot with said hardware. Im inclined to just go with 3 sticks of ram - having 2 sticks in dual channel works with another thrown in for good measure? - anyways, it should be clear that I dont know how much ram i need for comfy living in win7 or how it will affect performance with different combinations or with regards to overclocking. Gaming and general use only - the odd 250 tab firefox :D
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  2. Audigex

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    I get an identical overclock with 2gb or 4gb.

    Memory doesn't make any difference unless the final barrier to your OC is the memory controller/northbridge clock - which is fairly rare. With current hardware the barrier is much more likely to be temperature or voltage - especially with PhenomII and i5/i7 onboard memory controllers.

    It's still better to get 2(/3) sticks over 4(/6) for expansion and on the off chance you get unlucky - but for the most part it's a non-issue.
  3. phr4n


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    Posts: 315

    Thanks for that, I guess it's not such an issue as I can test it as I go along having the hardware at hand, just wanted a smooth upgrade. Guess I just have to try it and find out