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So I ended up in hospital with a bad condition and got good news... :)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by something_totally_different, 19 Sep 2009.

  1. something_totally_different

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    Hi there, dont worry this doesnt break the rules, not asking for medical advice :)

    Recently I was in hospital for a stomach problem, basically my stomach was producing 60 times the ammount of hydrochloric acid and it had burned through the lining and was busy giving me severe chemical burns on the inside of my stomach... they did a series of tests, two being liver function and blood pressure. The nurse put the strap on my arm, took my blood pressure and the following came forth from her lips...

    "my word!" :eek:

    to which my reaction was :confused:

    she then asked me if i had any of the following symptoms and rattled off a list of things from fainting to low energy. The only one i do suffer from is slight dizzyness occasionally when my heart skips a beat, and extreme lethargy at times but i had always presumed I was lazy... :rolleyes: My blood pressure is 80 over 55 which apparently is quite low (to give you an idea, according to my research the average olympians bp is 90 over 60) but extrordinarilly useful as the doctor informed me that since I have no symptoms of low blood pressure, provided there is no significant change throughout my life that I am at a much reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes. :):):) yey me.

    Next up were the liver tests... Given the amount of alchohol I used to drink, plus the once weekly binge I still have money permitting, plus a rather stupid incident some fifteen years ago involving a depressed young lad that was me and a bottle of paracetamol :rolleyes: (i know, i know, sad, but i was a troubled teen, lol) I wasnt expecting the doc to be grinning... He came in and basically said that my liver certainly wasnt causing the issue as it was working far above the expected average.

    In the end it turned out to be nicotene patches that were causing my gastritus of the stomach! very odd... and excrutiatingly painful given i was practically unconcious for the best part of five days. Still, all on the mend now, and Im armed with some nice info too. Always nice to find out your bodys working right rather than whats gone wrong. Thanks NHS peoples, where would I be without you...

    In agony on my living room floor wimpering to God above, only with no ambulance to come get me...
  2. Le_Petit_Lapin


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    Would you like some cake?
  3. ShaolinDreams


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    and a nice cup of tea :)
  4. ste2005


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    Hope u feel better soon dood
  5. Azagoth


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    Glad you're OK, but I've always said that nicotine patches are nothing but a waste of money and a possible health risk.

    When I quit, after a 20 a day for 20+ years, I did just that! I quit, no patches, no gum, no stupid plastic mini-***** to suck on, I just quit! The only thing I used was those strawberry lollipops that gave my fag hand something to do!
  6. ash_scotland88


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    Glad to hera your ok!

    My stomach acid was too strong, everytime I ate after a couple of mouthfuls i felt ill due to the irritation and my docdescribed me as "having a stomach of a 50y/o ceo of a multinational company" in reference to how its usually older poeple under a lot of stress that had my condition.
  7. ash_scotland88


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    sure, "strawberry lollipop" Ive heard that been called that before!
  8. purexxevil


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    Really pleased to hear you're alright!!
    Hope you start to feel better soon :)
  9. mac1st3


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    I was putting my money on Lupus :(

    glad you're ok though :)
  10. Clown


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    But Doctor House is in a Mental Institute! :(
  11. Nitefly

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    Here's hoping for a swift recovery :)
  12. something_totally_different

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 10 Oct 2007

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    Location: in the arse of england.

    Thanks all, so kind :) am on the mend now thanks to lots of omeprazole tablets, still get abit nauseous now and again though and my sleeping patterns whacked as im waking up every couple of hours in pools of sweat :( (side effect im presuming) but am allot better than i was, :)

    no thanks, but as i have low blood pressure and good liver i will have a ginsters pastie and a beer... :rolleyes:
  13. Sonea Fifer


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    It's not Lupus - but do a LP just to be sure ;)

    He's back on Fox tomorrow night ;)

    Back on topic - glad you're okay now OP. :)
  14. sbi5ar


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    A build up of stomach acid leading to gastric ulcers and decomposition of the stomach lining is commonly due to an excess of Helicobacter pylori which produce excess stomach acid. Most people have this bacterium however in low numbers, however when their numbers increase they become a problem... one which is very hard to treat (requires triple treatment which is lots of drugs taken every day, or such was the case 5 years ago)

    Having the above isnt nice, and its good your on the mend :D