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So the band im in recorded a demo

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Phalanx, 15 Aug 2006.

  1. Phalanx


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    Last edited: 15 Aug 2006
  2. Docaroo


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    eek... err...well I dunno what to say... that's kinda... really rough!

    I don't really want to comment for fear of being mean... all I will say is that the singer is horrific.... : :o
  3. Nitefly

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    Joined: 24 Sep 2005

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    Listening to the 'Twisted Paradise' song.

    It does sound very rough yes, but for two mics in the middle of the room I guess it isn't so bad. Have to agree with the singing comment above, but maybe it suits this style of music, I wouldn't know.

    Get the guitarist to turn his distortion down a notch IMO. Just sounds... too.... saturated? I'm sure theres a better word to use.
  4. riddlermarc

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    OT but are there any decent rock clubs in Newquay? Me and the g/f are in Newquay for a long weekend (Friday-Sunday coming) and are looking for somewhere interesting to go :)

    Like the demo btw, is good for two mics in a room :)
  5. Dr.EM


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    On "Twisted paradise". I think this could sound pretty good if you improved the recording (it's not bad for what it is, but the style needs good production really) and tightened up the timing (I think the issue here might be your not able to hear each other very well?). The vocals, hmm. Mabye if this was done with multitakes in a full studio you could get them sounding decent, but I don't think he's a natural vocalist, the voice sounds quite young. The ideas seem pretty well formed and I think there is potential in this.