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Social Security inviting themselves round?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phil99, 3 Mar 2006.

  1. Phil99


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    Back in December I ended up unemployed due to working two jobs, deciding to give up my weekend job to take me down to a 37.5hr working week (from 45+), but then the contract ended with the 37.5hr job, which unfortunately overlapped with the notice from the other job, so basically the last job I had I left voluntarily.

    I've been looking for a job since then but unfortunately have had no success so far so decided to sign on as at the moment I'm saving for Uni (Gap year) and if I'm entitled to JSA while I'm still looking for work it I may as well claim it.

    Been through all the interviews etc. and they said that my case would have to be reviewed due to me leaving my last job voluntarily and that it may take long for it to be processed due to this.

    Today I got a letter from Social Security basically inviting themselves round my parent's house on Monday to "visit you to get some more information or documents".

    They made photocopies of practically every document relating to work etc. that I have at the first interview, so what on earth could they want :confused: I'm going in to the Job Centre later on the same day for the 2 week signing anyway.

    Basically the point of this post was to see if this had happened to anyone else? My parent's aren't too happy with them inviting themselves round their house.
  2. bodybag


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    I think they have a policy to make visits on new claims now. I wouldnt worry about it.

    It happened to my brother in law. They just went over the claim with him.
  3. Proc

    Wise Guy

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    When i was unemployed the came round to visit me, said it was something to do with my claim. When they came round the guy just said my claim form had been lost and needed my details again. I had to go through the whole form with him again, like bodybag said its basically a way of checking up on you when you start claiming jobseekers.
  4. Spend_day

    Wise Guy

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    nah there just coming over for tea and crumpets :D
  5. cleanbluesky


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    They're being ***** and inviting themselves around your house to see if you are lying about the people you live with...