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Some have a go at figuring this

Discussion in 'Optical Storage & Writing' started by Gerard, 1 May 2006.

  1. Gerard


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    Ive a hp lightscribe dvdrw drive had it a few months now. Problem is over the last month or so its refused to play dvd movies..now this is where the "wtf" element comes into play. If i rip the dvd movie and burn it to a recordable disc it works perfectly but any original movie dvd fails to work, games however still do.

    When ive a movie disc in nothing shows up in my computer, i can double click the dvd drive and get access into it but no files are shown, basically its like ive put in a blank dvd instead of a movie disc. This has happend for quite awhile now, i originally had the drive on an intel system and the problem just started one day, im now on an amd system and its still there. No starforce games are installed though when i had the drive on the intel system i had f.e.a.r installed.

    Just completly baffles me how original discs are not detected at all but if i rip the disc (on another pc) burn it and plonk it into the drive it works, games dvd's and any other media work fine as well. :confused:

    Ive updated the firmware on the drive to the latest and still no change. :confused: