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Speaker help please.

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by magicroundabout, 4 Mar 2010.

  1. magicroundabout


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    i currently have a Sony 40v4000 TV + Sony BDP-S550 Blue Ray player.

    I'm looking at adding a surround sound setup but unsure where to start or what would best suit my system.

    Budget wise i'd like cheap as possible for now (got a little one due in April) just to get me started and then upgrade around xmas time.

    My partner has said if we do get a set then she doesn't want massive speakers but some which are as small as possible.

    any help/recomendations would be appreciated

    edit: I have noticed this system - Sony HTSS360.CEK 5.1 - would that be ideal?!
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  2. anything I don't mind


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    those package surround sound systems have improved a lot in the recent years, but buying individual ss amps and speakers is always better quality, and more expensive.