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Spec me a pair of mma/bag gloves please xD

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by shroomz, 30 May 2010.

  1. shroomz

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    Hey SA, after getting blisters on my knuckles for the zillionth time from my mma club's borrowed gloves I think I'm going to splash out and get my own. Budget isn't really important - I'd be as happy with a pair for £20 as a pair for £80 as long as they do the job well.

    Needs to be available in small/medium, need to be widely available to try for comfort, needs to be dry and must be lighter than 10-12 ounces: these are not for boxing or competition, rather for bag and striking/grappling work. Was thinking of these:



    I don't know much about gloves so any advice you can give would be appreciated
  2. Jumblejug


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    I use Fairtex FGV15

    Had them for about 8 months, nice fit and no problems so far