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Spec me a road / hybrid bike for £400ish

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by UncleBob, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. UncleBob


    Joined: 6 May 2003

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    I'm after an entry level bike for commuting to and from work and to generally help to reduce lardiness. I have around £400 to play with and looking at a hybrid or road (flats preferable). In addition, another £50 or so on top for a lid, lights and locks.

    As it happens one of the local shops (stocks kona, specialized, giant, trek, klien, merlin etc) has a sale on, seems to be 5-10% off list prices in this bracket.

    I've been considering the Giant FCR3, Trek FX 7.3 or Giant Escape M1. If any of these should be avoided like the plague, or you know of a better alternative I'm all ears!

    At the moment I just have a horrible Emmelle thing that is well past its sell by date :(
  2. Rikk

    Wise Guy

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    Can't advise as I'm just back in the saddle after 18 years but, it's a good time to buy as the 2007 bikes are coming in so the 2006 bikes are going very cheap.
    I just bought a £900 gt i-drive 5 4.0 for £630, so keep em peeled some good bargains out there.