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speed camera questions

Discussion in 'Motors' started by jamesrw, 7 May 2006.

  1. jamesrw

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    Location: LS1

    Hi - I've only had a car for just over 3 weeks, but I'm paranoid I'll get caught for speeding and get 6 points or whatever.

    First of all I always obey the speed limit, I think I've been upto about 75 on the motorway to over take something heh.

    Basically, what is the threshold for getting points / fine etc? is it only if you're way over the limit, say 20mph that you'll get 6 points straight off? Or am I likely to be caught for say 77 on the motorway?

    When I'm coming home from work there's people in the outside lane doing probably 100 at least - I presume they're just lucky.
  2. JollyGreen

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    I keep hearing that the police generally ignore people going 10%+3mph over the speed limit (so 80mph in this case).
    Plus driving at well over the speed limit is a case of having a good sat nav speed camera database, and avoiding volvo s40s :p
  3. Gaygle


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    Location: East of England

    The police usually give a 10%+2mph. but remember this is entirely discretional and going over the speedlimit by 1mph, strictly speaking, is enough to give you a £60 fine and 3 pts. (i'm 99% sure)

    96+ mph i think is an instant ban, doubling speed limit is also an instant ban i think.
  4. DaveyD

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    And V70 T5's :p
  5. andy2k


    Joined: 15 Jun 2005

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    Take it easy mate, watch your speed more when the speed camera's are posted.

    As i only really ever drive around Swindon, i know where all the cameras and van locations are, Ive done a fair bit of speeding in the last 7 months, and often do 90 on the motorway, Never been caught.