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Splicing PSU (24 pin connector) cables?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by toby.roberts, 21 Aug 2017.

  1. toby.roberts


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    I'm currently rebuilding an old pc, and thought I'd jazz it up a bit, so have been sleeving all the power supplycables. Unfortunately, whilst trying to remove one of the pins from the 24-pin connector, the pin broke and I had to cut it off as it wouldn't stay in the housing.
    I'm under a bit of time pressure, and want to replace the pin quickly, and don't really want to invest in a crimping tool and buy a bunch of pins for one cable.
    So I was wondering, I have a 4 pin connector on the PSU (non-modular) that isn't needed, could I take a section of the cable from that (with pin on) and solder it to the end of the 24-pin cable, essentially replacing the bit I cut off? I'm okay at soldering, not fantastic, so if there's any risk of joining cables that it might blow something up then I'll just suck it up and replace the pin properly, but if I could, relatively cheaply and safely replace the pin this way, that would be great.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    (If it's relevant, the broken cable is a black cable on the last part of the 4-pin part of the 24 pin connector)
  2. freddie64


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    Should be ok if you solder it and use proper heat shrink on the joint. (put some heat shrink on the donor cable as well)
  3. Tealc


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    Sounds like a job that could work to me.

    Once those mini fit juniors break there's no going back. Fingers crossed your connector is still intact.

    Also hopefully you don't need the donor connector at some point.