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Squeeking brakes

Discussion in 'Motors' started by [TW]Fox, 5 Jun 2006.

  1. [TW]Fox

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    Hey all,

    Had new discs and pads fitted to the Mondeo a few weeks ago. I've now noticed that occasionally, not all the time, I get a squeeking from the brakes as I slow down.

    I'm assuming it's becuase it needs some copper grease somewhere, but I can't be bothered to do this myself and I did pay somebody to change the pads/discs, not change the pads, discs and make it squeek :p

    It never used to do it before.

    Should I take it back and say 'oi' or is this sort of thing to be expected?
  2. cymatty


    Joined: 27 Sep 2004

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    Location: South Yorkshire

    Mine squeak quite alot, i blame it on the the fast road pads/ fast road disc combo. :)
  3. Nathan


    Joined: 4 Feb 2003

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    Location: West Midlands

    On new pads and disks I have had in the past they have done this. It usually goes after 1000 miles. :) I doubt any copper grease will stop it as its the pad and disk's friction causing it. Happens a lot with fast road/track pads.
  4. OllyM


    Joined: 16 Aug 2004

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    Location: New Jersey, USA

    I had mine changed when I picked the car up, they squeaked for a bit, but it seems to have cleared up now... give it a bit longer and see what happens.
  5. GT3


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Chesterfield

    Copper Grease only solves it if the squeaking is coming from the pads rattling in the carrier not from the surface of the pad on the disc.

    cymatty, have you got the mintex shims on your 1144s, they elliminated the squeaking from mine. All I get now is the fluttering of the pads over the grooved discs.
  6. cymatty


    Joined: 27 Sep 2004

    Posts: 13,305

    Location: South Yorkshire

    I presume so, i gave the garage the shims, and told them to fit them to eliminate squeaking.

    Whats this fluttering noise you are on about i hear a noise on my car it could be the same.
  7. Serj


    Joined: 18 Nov 2004

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    Location: Bournemouth

    My brakes squeek occasionally, i'm not fussed about everything being perfect though :D
  8. Bug One


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    Location: Sandwich, Kent

    Ah - now you're in an area where I have a bit of experience. Squealing brakes are the bain of any Fiat Coupe owners life.

    When I first did my brakes, I was a bit liberal with the copper grease and they squealed like mad.

    I've since been through a combination of anti squeal devices and methods and have got them a lot better now (although still not 100% eliminated).

    I would give them a couple of 70-10mph hard stops and see if they bed in eventually. Otherwise go back to the garage and tell them. I'm sure they'll just whip em out and slap a bit more grease on them.

    If you're still having problems, I'm using a combination of stainless steel shims, fibre anti squeal shims, thick grease and bluetack :eek: to quieten mine down. Anyone of them should be able to fix it.